October 12, 2007

Dissolving democracy

Harriet Harman wants MPs to have the final say over when elections are called. This is not a good idea. With the MPs living their careers under the power of the whips, and loving it, all that would mean is that the leader of the party with the most MPs would call the election as and when they felt like it. No different than what happens now. At best this change would simply mean that even greater stasis and careerism than there is now. This is because it will mean elections only being held when the the MPs consider there to be the least chance of them losing their seats and so reducing their need to represent their constituents well.


Blogger MatGB said...

Disagree—she didn't say make Parliaments perpetual, she just meant to withdraw the ability of an early dissolution from the PM. Currently, we have a 5-year fixed term that can be shortened on the whim of the PM, so we normally have 4 year elections.

I'd like to see it set to four years, third weekend in May or similar, but allow Parliament to dissolve itself early in certain circumstances (like the Germans did last year).

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